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​​Financial Literacy Basics is committed to introducing both youth and adults to the financial fundamentals necessary to build on and grow.  While other financial literacy curriculums often put the cart before the horse by introducing quick fixes on your road to financial success through the use of investment strategies, we do things differently.  We understand that if you do not have the strong foundation of which to grow your money and understand how it works, your temporary fix will be just that...temporary, at best.

Our approach uses facilitation techniques that help participants learn and retain through interaction, role-play and discussion of scenarios that focus on relevant real life and everyday situations regularly encountered by them. These experiences are factored into the design of the curriculum and meets them at their level of understanding while guiding them to a heightened sense of awareness.

Our programs are targeted and easy to comprehend.  Class room sizes are kept to an intimate number that allows for the most in-depth learning experience possible.  As a financial professional in the business for over 16 years, I have facilitated learning curriculums for both adults and youth and have seen this method  work best.  While some instructors "talk at and to you" or lecture, we keep our participants engaged. Course work is designed for mid to lower level employees and the client base of many social service type agencies who would like to empower their personel or program recipients.

Most curriculums are designed to operate for 5 full days but can be tailored to fit your request. Classes can be held on-site at your company location or off-site. Full curriculums can also include field trips, guest speakers, cash rewards and certificates of completion.

About The President...
Iris M Henry -CFEI, a longtime resident of Philadelphia is president of ‘Financial Literacy Basics Co.’  She has owned several businesses including most recently, ‘The Best Casino Party Rental Co.’ (2010-2017) and currently is founder and president of the non-profit organization, ‘Let’s See If We Can Help, Inc.’ Since 2008, in her role as president of ‘Let’s See If We Can Help, Inc.’, she facilitates free workshops throughout various sections of the city, that focus on tangled deeds, property rights and estate planning.  These workshops consist of a panel of experts, including volunteer attorneys and numerous City of Philadelphia Departments, along with The Philadelphia Corporation on Aging.  Realizing that much of the problems arising from tangled deeds and property rights extended from lack of financial and estate planning, she decided to extend her reach to a broader audience by promoting and offering basic financial literacy curriculums.  These courses, though offered to everyone, is focused on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and heavily impacted. Seeing how something such as bad credit can not only follow you for a lifetime, but also prevent you from getting housing, transportation and even meaningful employment was a major catalyst in launching ‘Financial Literacy Basics Co.’  Feeling that this information must be disseminated to the community at large, she started ‘Financial Literacy Basics Co.’ 
Ms. Henry’s introduction to the world of finance started in 1986 when she took a temporary assignment at Vanguard Group in Malvern Pennsylvania to earn extra money.  Though she was involved in setting up and operating a small business at the time, she would have the opportunity to work for the company as a full time employee some 10 years later. In addition to her position as a Registered Representative with Vanguard Brokerage Services for over 16 years, she served as a 2008 Loaned Executive with United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  She attended West Philadelphia High School, Marygrove College in Detroit Michigan and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, majoring in Business Administration and is a Certified Financial Education Instructor.  Over the years she has been a member of numerous organizations and volunteer opportunities such as The National Association of Market Developers, The Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts, Urban Financial Services Coalition, Big Sisters of Philadelphia and Junior Achievement.  She has journeyed solo to more than 30 countries across the globe and has seen not only how blessed we are to have money, but how we take it for granted, disrespect it and don’t seem to understand its value or purpose. Through her merger of experience, education, exposure and expertise, she brings with her unparalleled motivation, desire and commitment to bring education and financial literacy to the community and for the causes which both ‘Financial Literacy Basics Co.’ and ‘Let’s See If We Can Help, Inc.’ is concerned and committed.