Financial Literacy Basics
Teaching some of lifes most important lessons

Financial literacy camps and curriculums for kids and adults

Hello and welcome to Financial Literacy Basics, where we're teaching some of life's most important lessons.  Smart Money.  How many times have you said to yourself or heard someone say, "I wish someone had taught me that when I was growing up", speaking of learning how to handle money at a young age?  Well in this day and age, you have to be financially literate just keep up with life's financial challenges, not to mention stay ahead of them.  We all understand that as parents and guardians that we want our children to enjoy the fruits of our labor and not have to endure many of the hardships we went through just to achieve a comfortable life for ourselves and our families.  With that in mind, isn't it kind of ironic that we do the exact opposite of our intentions when we give and provide financially for our children but don't arm them with the knowledge of how to not just aquire wealth but to maintain it and enjoy it's benefits?  Often times, even when we become financially literate, we fail to educate our children to also become financially literate.  As the saying goes "Easy come, easy go" reminds us, not knowing what to do with money and ignoring the basic principals of financial literacy will make your money soon go away.

​Here at Financial Literacy Basics, we provide the training and tools necessary to equip both children and adults to be prepared for the financial world and its challenges that lie ahead.  We all know that financially "illiterate" adults more often than not raise financially "illiterate" children. Take the next step to make one of the best investments in life that you can make for both yourself and your children.

Show your kids some love.  Provide them with financial literacy.

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Financial Literacy and Entreprenurship
summer day camp program

August 19-23 and 26-30, 2019
now at
North Light Community Center

175 Greene Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19127
in beautiful Roxborough/Manayunk

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Our curriculum provides

  • Interactive, fun lessons and learning for ages 8 - 12
  • ​Comfortable class size for focus on comprehension and fun
  • ​Certificate of completion for 
  • ​Full weekly curriculum
  • Snacks
  • ​Low tuition

Some of what we cover

  • Saving
  • ​Decision making
  • ​Why make a budget
  • ​What and Whys of philanthropy
  • ​Investing in stock 101
  • Entrepreneurship
  • ​...and more